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2011 Caribbean Soccer Academy


Introducing the Carribean Soccer Academy

Present Day

The Academy is run by Andrew Gage,with the help of  5 coaches at present working for the academy full time who have been with the group a considerable length of time and are well respected within the Soccer community. The Academy has already been running in Jakarta for more than 10 years. Unlike many others, the Academy runs all year long so that kids get the benefit of ongoing exercise. The Academy has the use of the Pejatan field in Kemang and were instrumental in having it replaced, safe and ready for children’s soccer.


photos of each of the coaches with history


The Carribean Soccer Academy was founded by Neco Lambey who originated from Belize and played Professional soccer for the Toledo All Stars and is based in the Phillipines.


The Academy is involved with providing after school activities for various international school junior teams in Jakarta Indonesia such as, Australian International School, New Zealand International and was previously involved with conducting regular training and reporting for sports activities in the past with Schools such as Singapore International School, Citra Buana, and Nederlands International School.

Local and foreign children from all parts of Jakarta, and many different school are also enrolled in the academy.


We run the school soccer sports programs for children one day a week in school, and then provide a Saturday morning program to those same children as well as others. The focus of the teaching is students between the ages of 5 and 15 years. The training looks at all the basics and is done to enable the students to enjoy the culture of competing in sporting teams, and to also encourage a fit and healthy outlook through exercise. We try to encourage cross cultural bonds by having many of these international students also mixing with a lot of the local students we have in our programs. We are not an Academy that selects the best players, normally we charge fees according to the ability of the students to pay, as well as providing a large number of local scholarships. The idea of the academy originates in the idea that every child needs fresh air and open spaces and to play with many friends on a weekend, and we encourage parents to attend.

CSA Clinics And Extra Curricular Activities

Ø  The first Soccer Academy in Jakarta to be doing training at school locations.

Ø  Basic Skills training Programs

Ø  Twice weekly training schedules

Ø  Boys and Girls aged 4-18 of all skill levels welcome

Ø  Basic Team Play Plans taught, positions, formations and tactis

Ø  Membership and identity Card for each Child

Ø  Training uniform Supplied

Ø  Friendly matches and interaction with other children of similar aged, size and skills level from many different schools

Ø  Coaching analysis and player testing on a regular basis

Ø  Regular tournament Participation

Ø  Specialist Coaching days with international coaches on various aspects of game

Ø  Specialised program developed in conjunction with leading child sports experts

Ø  Association and cooperation with local soccer leagues

Ø  Parents welcome to participate and enjoy our Saturday Training Mornings.

Ø  Central location of facilities in Kemang.

Ø  Coach numbers increased to accommodate numbers of players to ensure proper control supervision and attention

Throughout the year we  are normally involved in competitions, and regularly play matches with visiting overseas academies, and local teams. Friendly matches against Arsenal, Villa 2000, Sams Soccer Academy, and various other school and other academy groups are done from the U8 age Group right through to the U15 groups.


Puma Cup

Runners up in u13 group

Champions in the U17 group

Mcdonalds Cup

Runners up in u13 group

Champions in the U11 group

Champions in the U15 group

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